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Mandora's Garden
Babies Available
We have 3 timneh babies!   See below


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Timneh African Grey

We currently have 2 babies left available, waiting for good homes to go to.  To reserve your baby today, see our contact information.

The smallest of the two sub-species of african greys.  They make wonderful cuddling companions.


Orange-winged Amazons

We currently have 0 babies available


A very beautiful bird, with a very playful personality!



This is a baby from Betty and Barneys last clutch.

Thanks for the picture Paule!

Introducing Louis.....


This is Louis.  He is a two year old timneh grey that I have had since he was a fledgling.  He first started me on my road to breeding greys.  Recently, I had the pleasure of adding Louis' mum and dad to my aviary.  They seem to be eager to make more little Louis' so hopefully we will have some to offer in 2002.

For anyone who doubts that greys understand what they are saying, I could tell you a million stories!  Louis loves to call my boyfriend in my voice, and me in his voice.  He then laughs and laughs (with my laugh!) if you answer him.  He will also play out little "plays" in his head, speaking in my voice, then in my boyfriends, as if we were having a conversation.  They somehow always end with "Louis' such a pretty bird.  Louis out, Louis cracker! " 

Greys can make wonderful pets in the right environment.  Louis is the only real "pet" grey that I have.  The rest are breeding pairs and prefer to be left alone.  However, Louis more than makes up for it.  Expect to spend atleast an hour a day with your bird just cuddling and playing.  Then, they also need atleast a couple of hours a day of out of the cage (on top of is fine) play time.  If you are not prepared to spend that kind of time with your bird, consider one of the smaller species, such as budgies or cockatiels. 


If you're think about getting a grey, think long and hard.  They can out live you!

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