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Mandora's Garden

These are links to sites that we think are really great, or may be useful to new owners.


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Grey Play Magazine

An excellent all around grey information page.  They also produce a newsletter for grey lovers.

We only feed our birds Kaytee products.  It's the next best thing to mother nature!

Parrots Canada

A nice resource for first-time Canadian bird owners or breeders. Not very detailed, and it isn't updated often, but a nice jumping off point.

Parrot Pages

If you're looking for birds, or avian supplies, this is the place to check.  It's a giant online classifed site strictly for birds.

Sunset Aviaries

A wonderful breeder named Shirley Usher.  She has been most helpful to me, and though her page is under construction, it's worth checking out.

Simcoe Veterinary service

I was asked to include this link by a fellow breeder named Jacyee Elliot.  She works for the Simcoe vet hospital, and really knows her animals.

Cabin Software

This is a great site by a company who makes bird tracking software.

If you are a breeder, or have a great site and would like to be added to our links page, please

email us

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