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Mandora's Garden
Our Policies

Before you will be allowed to purchase a baby from us, you must agree to the following terms


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We offer shipping only within Canada, and only to those who really cannot come to pick up their birds.  We encourage all potential bird parents to come and view our birds, and meet with us.

Shipping will be offered by Air Canada, and is done at the purchasers expence.

Other Terms and Conditions

-All potential new owners must meet with our adoption criteria.  Please email us for more information about this.

-We do not sell un-weaned babies, under any circumstances.

-All of our babies come with a hatch certificate, baby scrapbook, and baby starter kit.

-Our babies are weaned onto pellets.  They are not to be switched to a seed only diet.  Doing so voids any health guarentees.


If for some reason you cannot keep your bird, it must be returned to us.  No exceptions.  Some or all of your original purchase price may be refunded, depending on the circumstances in which the bird returns to us.  Full details on this will be discussed at the time of purchase.

We also offer a one week health guarentee.  We encourage all new owners to bring their bird to a vet of their choice within that week.  If the bird is shown to be sick, we will replace it, or refund your money.


For complete adoption criteria, email us at:

Mandoras Garden Aviary * Sault Ste Marie Ontario