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Mandora's Garden
About Us

Our goal is to provide you with the best "parrot children" that we can.


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About Us

My name is Manda, and I run Mandora's Garden.  I have had birds all my life, and I can't imagine my world without them!  This is my first year breeding big parrots; I started with lovebirds, and decided that it was time to graduate to something bigger!

Louis, my first grey helped me with this decision. Recently, we added Louis mum and dad to our aviary, and we feel that they produce some of the best birds around!

There are many changes and advancements happening everyday here at Mandoras Garden.  Currently, we are breeding african greys orange winged amazons, and cockatiels  In the near future however we will be expanding to breed more species.  In the next year or so look for Eclectus and Congo greys to join our family!  We've moved!! See above right for info!

Our website is updated whenever we have new information to share with you.  Log on often to see some of the changes that are going on around here!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site, and learn about us!



The Rest of our family

It takes more than just a couple of birds to have a successful aviary!  Thanks to Greg, Mum, and Sara for all your help.
And big hugs to my "fur children" Mojo and Roxy.  (both huskys)  They certainly help to acclimate the babies to other pets.  I think the dogs are more afraid of the birds than the birds are of them!

We Moved!!

As of June 2002, Mandora's Garden has moved to much larger, roomier accomidations.  We are now out in the country, where the birds can have fresh air, and be surrounded by nature!!
We are located in Sault Ste Marie, in beautiful Northern Ontario.  Only feet from our door is a conservation area, with trails and hiking facilities.  Our birds are given plenty of fresh air in the summer months, as their window looks out into the trees. 
We are located only minutes from the border of Canada and the U.S., allowing for international visitors as well!  Please be aware however that customs is very strict about the import/export of parrots, though it can be done, (with a lot of paperwork)


Mandora's Garden Aviary * Sault Ste Marie Ontario